Start your holiday off with a hike through the Calmont Region.

Above our wine village of Neef, one finds the „Eulenköpchen“ (Owl's peak) which offers an amazing panoramic view of the Mosel loop, the Calmont, the monastery ruins of Stuben, and the surrounding vine villages of Ediger, Eller, Bremm, Neef and St. Aldegund.

The Calmont fixed-rope route leads one through the Calmont, the steepest vineyard in Europe, and offers a fascinating panorama view. More information at


 The Moselsteig (the Mosel climb) leads one 365km through the MOSEL viticultural region: a quality hiking route that allows one to experience its 2000 year history as well as the winemaking and wonderful nature-filled landscape to the left and right of the Mosel river. More information at You can discover and experience this in a variety of ways. 


Would you rather discover the Mosel by bicycle?





Numerous well-built biking and hiking paths allow the Mosel and the surrounding highlands of the Eifel and Hunrück to be toured.



Ships offer a further opportunity to enjoy the Mosel. Mosel tours by ship are regularly offered in the main season traveling downstream toward Cochem or upstream toward Bernkastel-Kues.






Idyllic wine villages and Mosel cities such as Trier, Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach, Zell, Beilstein, Cochem, and Koblenz, as well as the health resort town of Bad Betrich should certainly be planned in to one's holiday trip.






There are also things to do for persons with historical tastes.

Numerous forts, castles, and monasteries invite you for a tour. Some are in the surrounding area, for example Burg Arras, the Marienburg, the Reichsburg Cochem, and last but not least, Burg Eltz.






Animal and nature lovers find their rejuvenation in the nearby Eifel with its maars, some of which are able to be swum in or enjoyed by boat. The local theme parks and nature parks there are also nice day trips- and not just for our small guests.






The jewel city of Idar-Oberstein, which lies in the Hunsrück mountain region, is a very special attraction with its rock-hewn church (Felsenkirche).