„Wine With Passion“

Is a common thread throughout the history of our winery. 

We invite you to take a small journey into the past  







Mathias Josef Kaufmann worked in distribution for the, at the time, multi-regional well-known company of the same name, Weinessig Fabrik (wine vinegar factory) Carl Kaufmann.  

Here is where the common thread begins: in addition to his regular job, Mathias Josef Kaufmann Here is where the common thread begins: in addition to his regular job, Mathias Josef Kaufmann cultivated vineyards as a sideline enterprise.






 His successor, Peter Josef Kaufmann, was able to live entirely from his wines and lead the family business through the hard times and confusion of the Second World War.  







Hermann Josef Kaufmann took over a part of his parents‘ vineyards and built up the winery with his wife Dorina. 







The sales of wine by the barrel was supplemented by the sale of individual bottles of wine.

The first self-made wines were bottled and with this the foundation stone of self-marketing was lain. 








Bernd Kaufmann took over the business as a young Winzermeister (winemaking master) and led the business together with his parents and wife Andrea.

The sales of bottled wine increased.

Young and dynamic ideas began to flow within the winery.

Increasing numbers of customers began to discover the quality of the wines.

The old space and building began to grow too small. 









The foundation stones for our new construction outside the village in the vineyard named “Auf der Zech” (on the mine) was lain. There was no way to know in this moment that the building would eventually develop into such a jewel.

The cellar was finished in autumn for the harvest. The harvest was then processed and the wines stored in the new building for the first time.




We quickly determined:

We would like to live where we work

In addition to this our wine customers and prospective wine customers should have the possibility to enjoy a vacation in our magnificent Mosel (Moselle) landscape.  








Dreamed • Made into reality

We were able to welcome our first guests into our newly renovated guest rooms.

Our Weingut Zecherhof (Zecherhof Winery) became Urlaubsweingut Zecherhof (Holiday Winery Zecherhof). 





The positive response to a holiday in the vineyard was breathtaking, and we decided to expand our Zecherhof once again. The holiday apartments “Rotling” and “Chardonnay” allowed for more guests to enjoy their holiday in our house. 




We built our wine house “Ambiente”, in order to increase the quality of the guests’ holiday experience and to better present our wines. At the same time, the holiday apartment “Riesling” was created out of our old breakfast room. The remaining guest rooms were expanded into the apartments “Kerner” and “Dornfelder” and with their renovations, offered even more comfort. Simultaneously an addition was added, and the third apartment “Regent” was created.  




We invested in the future and set new standards in conserving resources. Our house received a new insulated and energy saving roof with a photovoltaic system. Because of the sunny warm slate vineyard location of Zecherhof, the energy of the sun's rays can be exchanged into electric energy directly through solar cells. We are able to create our own environmentally friendly electricity this way. 







Our Holiday Winery Zecherhof has not only changed its exterior throughout the years. The quality of the wines, our offerings, our service, and our passion for Zecherhof has matured and has reached a high level. 


Time does not stand still – and neither do we